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Simple Bicycle Repair

Fixing Your Bike Made Easy (Expanded, updated 3rd Edition)
by Rob van der Plas

Format: 5½ x 8½ inch trade paperback
Description: 112 pages with 182 full-color photographs and other illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-892495-74-7
Price: US$14.95

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  • Routine maintenance
  • Roadside repairs
  • How to fix a flat
  • Adjusting brakes and gears
  • Straightening wheels
  • Checking the suspension
  • Lighting and other accessories
  • E-bike troubleshooting
  • And much more…
A comprehensive and easy-to-use manual for all the bicycle repair jobs that any cyclist should be able to handle at home or on the road

About the book

Whether you’re an experienced rider or a novice, you’ll have more fun riding your bike if you can count on it not to break down — and can fix it if it does. That’s what this book will help you achieve. In very simple terms, with clear illustrations, it explains the most common maintenance and repair jobs for any kind of bike, including E-bikes and other special machines. The procedures are presented in a step-by-step format, and the illustrations cover every aspect of the work. The book’s handy format makes it as useful to take along as it is in the home workshop.

About the author

Rob van der Plas is a mechanical engineer with a lifelong passion for cycling. His writings have appeared in bicycling magazines as well as in book form on both sides of the Atlantic. A native of the Netherlands, educated in Holland, England and America, he is a long-time resident of San Francisco, California.

Critical reviews of the author’s earlier books

“…a wealth of well-organised and clearly illustrated descriptions…” — Bicycle Rider Magazine (England) about his Bicycle Repair Book

“Van der Plas’ explanations are accurate and clear and a pleasure to read.” — Bicycle USA about his The Mountain Bike Book

Table of Contents


About this Book

You and the Bike Shop


1. Know Your Bicycle

Bicycle Types

Parts of the Bicycle


2. The Tools to Use

Buying Tools

Tools to Carry

Other Tools and Supplies

Working on the Bike


3. Basic Maintenance Procedures

Screw-Threaded Connections


Cable Controls

Ball Bearings


4. Preventive Maintenance

Pre-Ride Inspection

Monthly Inspection

Annual Inspection

Cleaning the Bike


5. Wheel Removal & Installation

Replace Front Wheel

Replace Rear Wheel


6. Tire & Tube Maintenance

Replace Inner Tube

Patch Inner Tube

Replace or Repair Tire Cover

Tubeless Tires


7. Wheel Maintenance

Wheel Inspection

Wheel Truing

Buckled Wheel Emergency Repair

Replace Spokes

Hub Maintenance

Hub Bearing Adjustment

Hub Bearing ubrication


8. Drivetrain Maintenance

The Crankset

Tighten Crank

Remove and Install Crank

Bottom Bracket Maintenance

Adjust Bottom Bracket

Pedal Maintenance

Replace Pedals

Adjust Pedal Bearings

Chainring Maintenance

Chain Maintenance

Freewheel and Cog Maintenance

Cog Removal


9. Derailleur Gearing Maintenance

Over- and Undershift Adjustment

Adjust Front or Rear Derailleur

Replace Derailleur Cable

Electronic Shifting

10. Hub Gearing Maintenance

Hub Gear Problems

Adjusting Hub Gear

Other Hub Gearing Maintenance


11. Rim Brake Maintenance

Rim Brake Features

Adjust Brake Application

Adjusting Brake Pads

Brake Centering

Brake Squeal and Rumble

Replace Brake Cable

Hydraulic Rim Brakes


12. Maintenance of Other Brakes

Brake Adjustment

Cable and Lever Maintenance

Attachment Problems

Disk Brake Maintenance

Rotor Problems

Disk Brake Caliper Maintenance

Hydraulic System Maintenance


13. Steering System Maintenance

The Handlebars

Adjust Handlebar Height

Adjust Handlebar Angle

Replace Handgrips

Handlebar Extensions

The Headset

Adjust Threadless Headset

Adjust Threaded Headset


14. Frame & Fork Maintenance

Frame Inspection

Fork Inspection

Paint Touch-Up


15. Seat Maintenance

Adjust Seat Height

Adjust Angle and Forward Position

Maintenance of Leather Saddle


16. Suspension Maintenance

Suspension Stems

Suspension Seatposts

Suspension Fork Maintenance

Rear Suspension Maintenance

Shock Unit Maintenance


17. Accessory Maintenance

General Accessory Comments





Bicycle Computer


Other Accessories


E-Bike Maintenance

Motor and Motor Controls

Battery and Battery Controls

Retrofitting Electric

Maintenance Advice


Appendix: Troubleshooting Guide


From the contents

Installing rear derailleur cable.


Releasing cable from a V-brake to remove or install the wheel.


Charging E-bike